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Never Call Retreat (Cont.)

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

The military has always hated the word “retreat” as much as the liberal left hates the military, but now liberal left pols, in their zeal to show they would “never never never” favor a “cut and run” strategy in Iraq, may want to borrow some of the military’s favorite spinspeak for the “R” word.

Some martial favorites over the years: retrograde maneuver, strategic movement to the rear, adjustments of the front.

Of course, the GI or grunt, the “troops” whom the leftie pols want everyone to know they “support” while undercutting the war the “troops” are fighting, are known to resort to realism rather than spin. It’s the generals dating back to the Greeks who favor phrases such as “strategic movement to the rear.” But when Red Chinese Army divisions staffed with “volunteers” streamed across the Yalu River during the Korean “Police Action,” the “troops” referred to their necessary tactical response as “the big bug out.”

Never Call Retreat; Call It Change of Direction

Friday, June 30th, 2006

Here for spin lexicographers is a guide to what to call continuing demands by liberal left politicians and their fellow travelers for early pull out of American troops from Iraq

Both those who want withdrawal at a date certain and those who want withdrawal in the vague near future call it “change in direction.” Opponents of a date certain call that “cut and run.” Opponents of the vague near future call that “cut and jog” or “cut and crawl.”Advocates of withdrawal would transfer the troops “over the horizon” which turns out to be Okinawa.

Spinmeisters during the Viet Nam War called retreat “strategic withdrawal.” During the Korean War and World II, it was more realistically called “bug out.”

In the American Wild West, retreat was called “leaking out of the landscape.”

That’s No War, Bunky, It’s Only a Struggle

Sunday, August 7th, 2005

 President Bush wins the Spin Detector Award of the Month for his insistence that the War on Terror be called just that instead of some namby-pamby bit of spinspeak.

Apparently, in an attempt to befuddle the Blame America First appeasement camp, the Pentagon had begun referring to the shooting war as the “Struggle against Extreme Terrorism.”

The overt explanation: Only the combination of military, economics and diplomacy can win. Ergo, it’s a “struggle,” not a “war.” And, if you hate the military as so many liberal leftists do, struggle (as in “I struggle to get quality time with little Amanda.”) has a nice politically correct ring.

Unfortunately, as the President pointed out, the terrorists keep on trying to kill us. That used to be called a “war.” And “W” says that is still what you call it.

Of course, the Pentagon could have fallen back on German Gen. Clausewitz’ famous definition of war as “merely the continuation of policy by other means.”

The next time the Muslim terrorists blow up some women and children or cut off some “Crusader’s” head, how would this grab you for a rousing battle cry: