No One Here But Us Infidel-Hating Brits

The foiled murder plot to blow up 10 airliners over American cities once again demonstrated how politically correct spinmeisters are aiding the Islamofascist War on Western Civilization.

Although the British police had arrested 21 alleged terrorists, early on it was all but impossible to learn from the media that they were all Muslims dedicated to killing infidels at random.

First the “suspected” would-be murderers were “young British Asians” (Chinese? Mongols?)…”British-born of Pakistani descent”  (Cambridge grads?) … “British citizens with dual nationality.”  (Liechtenstein?)  Then, they included several “pregnant women.”  Then, when the Pakistani police began making arrests, the perps were reported to include “Kashmiri militants linked to al Qaeda.”  Then some were Muslims after all but they were “white converts.”

Reuters and BBC were among the chief sufferers from the persistent myopia that makes it difficult to notice that all of these people are Muslims; and that they all think killing non-Muslims is a great idea.

Reuters, which still can’t bring itself to use the word “terrorist,” also distinguished itself in recent days with a great display of lookspin in its coverage of the Hezbollah War. Reuters graphicmagic photography included adding extra smoke to bomb shots, pristine stuffed animals and play-dead actors among the dusty ruins and encore appearances on different dates of the same screaming motherly victim of Israeli bombs.

Meantime, Iran has assured the world that Hezbollah terrorists are nothing more than “pious youths” out there achieving “God’s promises.”

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