Pet Funeral Biz Gives Major Boost to Spinspeak Phylum Compassiontalk

A Rhode Island dog and cat crematorium called Paws at Rest, doing business under the motto “We share your tears,” offers “home burial,” “marine burial,” and permanent display of “arbor emblems” bearing the name of the beloved one in a “memorial tree.”

The Shop at Paws at Rest offers biodegradable urns for the environmentally concerned and for the more affluent a “solid bronze doghouse.” For cats permanently “at rest,” The Shop offers “etched kitty urns” and an urn that looks like a ball of pink yarn.

Meantime, in England, a pet crematorium called Pets to Rest, offers, apparently for those nostalgic for The Empire, bamboo coffins. They come in three sizes with prices ranging from 47 to 58 pounds including the VAT tax. Pets to Rest is located in northwest England not far from High Hesket in the Eden Valley.

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