Spinning the National Credit Card

As the fight over raising  the national debt ceiling and saving the U.S. economy boils and bubbles,  political spinmeisters are working assiduously to keep you befuddled. 

Be wary of the following noxious soporifics and alarms:

shared sacrifice = gooeytalk for economic philosophy that  the famed  comic strip poet Little Noodnick once defined as “You got nuttin,  we got lots, we gonna share in equal pots.”

investment = fogword for endless spending on dubious projects, particularly spending of money  borrowed daily.

give a little more = faux signal for crippling or confiscatory taxation under the tattered banner “soak the rich” who will soon be everyone.

stimulus money = fantasyspeak for billions of dollars  borrowed by the federal government and distributed to maintain bloated government payrolls  and finance non-existent public works. The phrase  is now  generally  discredited and replaced by “investment” (see above).

saved jobs = suckertalk for political featherbedding maintained with  “stimulus money.”

extreme, extremist = diabolictalk for any common sense  proposal to cut spending significantly with the silly idea of really  reducing the national debt. 

balanced approach = cozytalk for favoring higher taxes for “the rich,” more hidden and indirect taxes for the middle class, and a few token cuts mostly in defense.

cat food = diabolictalk  for the alleged menu  that all senior citizens will be eating if  federal spending is cut by “extremists” (see above).

meat axe = cry-wolf talk for the alleged instrument of choice that “extremists” want to use on mounting  federal spending as opposed to a “balanced approach” (see above).  

 millionaires and billionaires = classwarfaretalk for what used to be called “the rich” until it became increasingly clear to anyone with an above room temperature IQ  (ARTIQ)  that “the rich” really includes one way or another everyone not on food stamps.

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