Leading the Notwar Kinetic Action from behind

“Leading from behind” — the Obama Administration’s latest foreign policy for dealing with Libya and presumably other unpleasantness in the Middle East – is an outstanding example of the spinspeak phyla wimpspeak.

It is, of course, something of a reversal of the hoary notion that commanders  normally  inspire their troops by leading from the front,  or at least  making some effort to look as if that is what they are doing. So-called  pure “chateau leadership”  even in 21st Century warfare is still looked down upon by warriors in the field.

However,  this newly announced spinspeak is fully consistent with the previous Obama proclamation  that an  initial  launch of hundreds of Tomahawks at Libya was “not a war” but a “kinetic military action.”  After all, from where else would you lead “not a war” but from the rear.

Apparently, the Obama Administration  has been  studying the writings  of the British military expert, Sir William S. Gilbert.  His sage counsel :

In enterprise of martial kind
When there was any fighting,
He led his regiment from behind –
He found it less exciting.
But when away his regiment ran,
His place was at the fore, O-
That celebrated,
Underrated nobleman,
The Duke of Plaza-Toro.

When to evade destruction’s hand
To hide they all proceeded,
No soldier in that gallant band
Hid half as well as he did.
He lay concealed throughout the war
And so preserved his gore O!
That unaffected
Well-connected warrior
The Duke of Plaza- Toro

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