Obama OBL Spinspeak Flops


President Obama as a spinspeak devotee and addict fails on at least three important counts.

Two hallmarks of the world’s truly Great Spinmeisters is to know instinctively when not to spin and  secretly never to believe their own humbuggery.  It also helps to have a firm understanding of the mind of the common man.

Obama fails on all three  as he has demonstrated in handling the happy, long awaited  news of  the sudden demise of Osama bin Laden.

The hit plan was excellent;  its implementation,  superb; but its  follow-up, a Three Stooges spinspeak disaster.

First, Obama announced that UBL was killed in self defense and, in deference to Muslim custom, he was properly washed and buried  within 24 hours at sea.   Obama proclaimed that OBL  had been “brought to justice.”

Three spinspeak  problems here:

  • As the story evolved, OBL wasn’t armed; but he used his wife as a human shield; no, not exactly, but she did try to defend him and was shot in the leg; and OBL did “resist” somehow  and after all two guns were within reach. Perish the thought that the SEALs were sent in to rub him out.
  • Cleaning up OBL and sliding him into the Arabian Sea may have mollified some middle of the road Muslims, but it did nothing for rioting Islamist terrorists who pine for the Caliphate.  And it didn’t do much for millions of Americans with vivid memories, particularly when one’s distinct  memory is of Daddy jumping from the top of the World Trade Center thanks to UBL while Muslims danced in the streets. Better to talk about feeding him to the fishes.  Still better, stick his head on a pike at Ground Zero.
  • Bringing OBL to justice, is pure cotton-candytalk in view of Obama and Attorney General Holder’s long, aimless and wimpy advocacy for giving terrorists federal trails with Miranda Rights, busloads of white shoe,  self-serving,  liberal defense lawyers, endless appeals  and plenty of opportunities to posture for the Arab Street and housebroken media. OBL was indeed brought to justice, but it was clearly the satisfying   justice of the Old West.

Then we have the “shocking” picture shuffle: full living color snaps of OBL with half his head blown off; OBL being tidied and  sheeted up on a US carrier, and OBL sliding off a plank into the plankton and crabs.  Obama spinspeak  says such photos would likely stir the Arab Street into a vengeful froth thereby  endangering our troops and tourists abroad; shock the delicate sensitivities of our citizenry, and violate the beautiful appeasing thought that that is not the kind of people we are.

Again, three spinspeak problems here:

  • The Islamist crazies are already in a froth hopefully over the suddenly revived message that the United States does not  always play beanbag even with Obama in the White House.
  • Americans through the popular media are exposed daily to far more stunning  gore and gunplay than featured in a few pictures of a hit job on a hated international  villain..
  • The kind of people we are remember well with much satisfaction such  pictures as Saddam Hussein with a rope around his neck, Hermann Goering on a slab and Benito Mussolini hanging upside down with his girlfriend at a Milan gas station.  We also liked the Godfather saga.

It is obvious what happened at the OBL “mansion.”  Heroic Americans struck a great blow. Spinspeak only diminishes its effect; incompetent spinspeak only more so.

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