Sex Crime Spin a la Franco-American

The alleged High Noon Hotel Caper of IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Khan in New York is already making rich contributions to the spinspeak phyla, sexcrimetalk.

M. Strauss-Khan, an expected candidate for President of France, is charged among other things with trying to rape and then “sexually abusing”  a chambermaid who entered his $3,000-a-night suite to clean it.  

sexual abuse = politically correct nicespeak for forced fellatio, bondage and other similar entertainments.

not a flight risk = forked-tonguetalk for there is no risk in letting him out on bail when, as the judge noted, the alleged perp was taken off a plane minutes before it took off for Paris.

a reputation for liking woman = cop-out talk for just a guy who likes girls. Strauss-Khan is widely reported to have an alarming record of womanizing;  described by one object of his fancy as a “rutting chimpanzee,” by others as a “chaud lapin” (hot rabbit)..

serious error of judgment = cozytalk for hoping that admission of error will make outrageous, unacceptable behavior okey dokey, at worst Gallic exuberance.

Spinspeak Paris street comment reported in the Wall Street Journal: “This is not working out well for Strauss-Kahn.”

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