When is a distraction a 500-pound smelly gorilla?.

Sound the tocsin.  Another fine word has been sucked into meaninglessness in  the Big Spinspeak Blender. This time the word is distraction.

A distraction is defined as something that turns  ones attention away from whatever one happens to be doing or thinking.  Often the something is an amusement or a
telephone call.   Often distraction is described as minor as in: The barking dog distracted us during the movie.  Normally, the something is not a tornado as in: We were distracted by the tornado and had to postpone the croquet game.

Therefore, distraction became forked-tonguetalk when Congressman Anthony Weiner said he was resigning because of the hullabaloo over his penchant for tweeting pictures of his crotch to young women had become a distraction.

The spin, of course, was gratefully  picked up by the growing legion of Democrat pols who know the difference between a barking dog and a 500-pound smelly gorilla.


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