>Waving the “American” Label and “Stopping the Buck”


Democratic Gov. James E. McGreevey of New Jersey made a breakthrough contribution to the art of spin in announcing his resignation on grounds that he “shamefully…engaged in adult consensual affairs with another man who violates my bonds of matrimony.”

He neglected, of course, to mention scandals past and upcoming which it has subsequently been suggested he was trying to cover up with his sexual and moral preferences. But he did say:

1. “I am a gay American.” Not just “gay,” but a “gay American,” thereby wrapping his sexual preferences in the patriotic spirit of such straight chaps as Washington and Lincoln. He also raises for future linguistic study the question of the scale of differentiation between; say a “gay American” and a “gay Peruvian” or possibly a “gay Inuit.”

2. He boldly took “full responsibility,” elevating “the buck stops here” fuzzball to new heights of vacuousness. Unfortunately, no one apparently asked him who else might be responsible.

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