>Cut It Out or We’ll Send In the Sensitive Warriors


With Sen. Kerry’s promise to fight war sensitively, students of spinspeak must now move the word “sensitive” from the spin phyla gooeytalkto the phyla mushmindspeak.

In its original definition in natural philosophy, sensitive meant being receptive to external stimulation such as heat, light and noise as opposed to being dead. Over time the word assumed its more poetic meaning of being delicately aware of the feelings and attitudes of others.

The politically correct gendarmerie subsequently increased the degree of “delicate awareness” to the irrational point where prompt common sense action has become all but impossible and “sensitive” has become badge-of-honor class gooeytalk.

The new, vote-grubbing concept of sensitive war takes the word “sensitive” into the boob realm of comfy contradiction, grouping it with such mushmindspeak as humane hanging, painless fishing, free health care and no-loser school sports.

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