>At the UN Rape is a “Recreational Option”


The much-troubled UN says it “shares” the concern of many that its handling of the Food-for-Oil program in Iraq would have embarrassed Enron, but don’t be too hard on the UN because its peacekeepers have been raping women and girls whom they were supposed to be protecting.

The problem according to a UN top spokesman: “lack of funds.”

According to the UN, if it had had more money it could have provided “other recreational options” for the peacekeepers and they wouldn’t have had to fall back on rape to keep themselves amused.

In summary, the real bad guys are the “rich” nations of the world that won’t take proper monetary responsibility. Accordingly, the UN position is that this rape unpleasantness is only “our bit of the larger scandal.”

If only the UN could have afforded more ping-pong tables and magazines for the boys, everything would have been okey-dokey.

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