>Spinning Death in Florida


Right-to-Die Lawyer George Felos, who has explained that starvation and thirst are euphoric experiences, now wants you to know that departure from this world is merely something called the “death process.”

As Felos explained on Fox News, Terri Chiavo “entered the final steps of her death process” in the hours preceding the time when her other processes stopped working because she was denied food and water for 13 days.

Felos’ contribution to spinspeak opens up numerous opportunities for better understanding of historical events.

For example, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor , some 3,000 American troops were enabled to enter the final steps of their death process. Same great benefit was given to the folks at Auschwitz and the World Trade Center. Diito, Lincoln. Ditto, Kennedy.

Once you know that merely the “death process” is involved, it’s hard to understand what all the fuss is about.

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