How Spinspeak History Is Made

When spinspeak is a total success, it has become accepted as absolute fact. For example, it is incorporated into crossword puzzles: Faux history is triumphant.

For more than 50-years enormous doses of spin have been injected into the espionage case of Alger Hiss, high State Department official, FDR advisor, favorite of elitist liberals, convicted perjurer and documented Soviet spy.

Now in a puzzle in “Random House Crostics Vol. 4” you are asked under item “T” to identify in two words and nine letters a “Truman bureaucrat falsely accused by Whittaker Chambers.”

This use of word puzzles to rewrite history opens up major possibilities for truly High Spin.

For example, the following sample questions could be “placed” in the famous New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle:

  • Important democratically-elected European leader later called by his enemies an anti-semitic tyrant. (Six letters)
  • Revolutionary War hero who chose to take early retirement in England. (14 letters)
  • American island mistakenly attacked by Japanese immigrants seeking political asylum. (4 letters)
  • If you answered Hitler, Arnold and Pearl Harbor, you get a Spinspeak Mushhead Award.

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